Lifestyle Challenge
Lifestyle Challenge in Salt Lake City, UT is a 6 month transformation challenge where we will work together to optimize your overall health.

Lifestyle Challenge

Join us in our Lifestyle Challenge in Salt Lake City, UT! πŸ’™
This is a 6 month transformation challenge where we will work together to optimize your overall health.

Why is this challenge for you? If your goals are:

βœ… weight loss
βœ… improved immune function
βœ… reduced pain/inflammation
βœ… improved longevity
βœ… hormone balance

You can join this challenge by scheduling a Challenge Consult with one of our providers and becoming a RAW member. As a RAW member you will enjoy:

    • Earning rewards as you visit
    • Receive exclusive offers just for you. Offers you won’t find anywhere else!
    • Birthday Gifts
    • Invitations to Member Events
    • Special Members-Only Offers

πŸ“† Over the 6 months you will be given the tools and support to lose weight, increase muscle mass, decrease inflammation in your body and create a healthier lifestyle; this allows you to keep the results and progress you make.
Creating a healthier you, FOR LIFE!

The Challenge will include:

      • Daily support and motivation from the team
      • Meal plan and exercise guidance
      • Stress management
      • Regular check-ins to monitor progress

Go to our website, book your challenge consult today!
You must sign up by January 21st and the challenge officially kicks off February 1st.
We can’t wait to be a part of your Transformation Journey!

Take advantage of financing to help you with your journey. Our clinic also offers a free online wellness assessment, and a unique experience that enhances your natural beauty by using laser, skin care treatments, and treating the body from the inside out. We focus on the gut, hormones, detoxification and improving your weight. We work together to create a unique and personalized approach.

Wellness is a hallmark of our clinic, and we include meal plans, telehealth, cannabis education as well as a treatment plan for men.

You will be amazed at our injections and skin rejuvenation including Botox, Dermal Fillers, Microneedling, and chemical peels. Check out our Lifestyle Challenge ion Salt Lake City, UT, and the other benefits at RAW.

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