HEATHER DARLING RAW Aesthetics and Wellness
RAW Aesthetics and Wellness provides you with wellness plans and procedures to keep you feeling good. After all, how you feel inside reflects how you look outside.

Heather Darling


Heather is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner through IFM. Her passion is treating the whole body by healing your gut, detoxing your body, and balancing your hormones.

Heather received her nursing degree from Westminster College in 2003 and a Master of Nursing from Westminster in 2012. She also served on the faculty of the masters of the nursing program at Westminster College. Heather brings knowledge and experience to the RAW Aesthetics and Wellness team.

Heather has been treating patients at some level for more than half of her life, and she has often been disappointed with patient outcomes using only traditional medicine and ignoring the root of the problem. It is simple to diagnose an illness and prescribe medication, but the challenge is finding where and when the problem occurred and how to restore the body back to its optimal health. Heather takes the appropriate steps in changing lifestyle behaviors and creating a personalized plan to achieve her patient’s ultimate wellness.

​”I believe lifestyle medicine needs to be the primary intervention.  Without addressing the basic needs: nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress, the healing is incomplete. I am very passionate about treating your gut as it is important for all  your body functions.”

Heather looks at food sensitivities and works on improving your Microbiome that is essential in balancing your body, ideal body weight and working toward optimal health.

Along with the gut, detoxing your body and exploring the potential toxins that can impair health is necessary. Balancing hormones is an essential element in your wellness. When chronic health concerns have been ongoing, hormones tend to suffer as a result. Hormones, gut health, and detoxing are all critical and must be examined together.

Heather treats conditions such as autoimmune disorders, metabolic disorders, weight management, Hormone imbalances, and GI disorders. Heather is also a QMP, and helps clients with Medical Cannabis education.