Chemical Peel in Utah

Chemical Peel

$125 (45 minutes)

Chemical peels will shed the surface skin cells while stimulating the deeper layers of the skin, making it look and behave like younger skin. Increased collagen and faster turnover of the skin will brighten, smooth out, and improve texture.

Brown spots, fine lines, wrinkles, or other concerns about your complexion bugging you? At-home skin treatments and regular facial treatments are fantastic but sometimes aren’t enough to keep your face looking fresh and radiant. RAW Aesthetics and Wellness offers a range of chemical peels to help remove dull, dead skin and reveal younger, brighter skin. Specially designed by doctors, our chemical peels are effective skin resurfacing and anti-aging treatments.

RAW Aesthetics and Wellness chemical peels come in a variety of treatment strengths: light, medium, and customized combinations. Our chemical peels require little to no downtime, and our range of custom peels will help reveal your skin’s inner beauty.

  • RAW Aesthetics and Wellness have anextensive range of chemical peels that are chosen with your must-haves in mind. If necessary, we’re equipped to help you target the deeper causes of hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne, and more through an advanced health and beauty plan.
  • We are committed to providing the best aesthetic treatments and individual skin education, giving your skin personal attention in a comfortable, medically supervised setting.
  • RAW Aesthetics and Wellness’s professional and courteous staff members are highly trained and experienced in the latest treatments for melasma, sun damage, excessive oil production, and acne. The latest anti-aging ingredients make our peels a trusted treatment and beauty secret.

Chemical Peel Facts

  • RAW Aesthetics and Wellness aesthetic facial peels help reverse sun damage and environmental stress at the cellular level.
  • Chemical peels are among the most effective treatments for melasma, a frustrating skin condition resulting in dark brown or grey-brown patches on the face or body. Sometimes referred to as pregnancy mask.
  • Most peels require only one short session, though you may want to have several treatments for maximum effectiveness. A combination of peels and at-home products will also help you get the best result.
  • The chemical peels we perform are compatible with all skin types, offering safe and effective rejuvenating benefits without harsh skin resurfacing agents, which can cause more damage.
  • Peels have minimal side effects and downtime, meaning that you can improve your skin’s health and appearance without interfering with your busy life.