ALISA WRIGHT RAW Aesthetics and Wellness

Alisa Wright

RN, Treatment Provider

Alisa is an RN who began working in the field of plastic surgery in 2001 and has been doing aesthetic injection since 2009. Through her experience, Alisa has become passionate about aesthetics and the noninvasive and minimally invasive treatment that can be used to enhance her clients. Alisa firmly believes that everyone is an individual and has individual beauty that should be embraced. She looks at the unique features in all her patients and adjusts her treatments to emphasize those features. Alisa’s goal is to maintain and accentuate her patient’s beauty. Each patient is exceptional, and Alisa uses a combination of techniques to perform each treatment – a treatment that is specifically geared to the individual patient. Alisa wants each patient to have a natural look that highlights their best features and enhances their life. Alisa takes pride in using her expertise and knowledge of anatomy along with listening to her clients to achieve the results they are looking for.