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RAW Aesthetics and Wellness

We are a functional medicine and medical aesthetics boutique. We specialize in making you beautiful, both inside and out. At RAW Aesthetics and Wellness, it is our goal to make you feel great and healthy and not looking like you have had something done. Let us keep you looking and feeling fresh, not frozen! Our medical practice personalizes your healthcare to get to the root cause and meet your body’s needs. Focus is optimizing your gut health, detoxing the body, and balancing hormones. By improving your lifestyle behaviors and making life-sustaining changes, you will feel the best you! We believe in embracing your unique beauty. Everyone has something beautiful and special about them, and we don’t want to change or take away from the individual you. Our goal at RAW Aesthetics and Wellness is dedicated to helping you look fabulous and well-rested. We believe in educating our clients and want you to know what is best for you both inside and out. We give you options for looking and feeling your very best.



RAW Aesthetics and Wellness offers unique and personalized treatment services for you. RAW Aesthetics and Wellness offers you comfort, knowledge, individualized attention, and a wellness plan that provides you with healthy habits that go hand in hand with personalized aesthetic services.

Meet Our Providers

ALISA WRIGHT RAW Aesthetics and Wellness

Alisa Wright

RN, Treatment Provider

Alisa is an RN who began working in the field of plastic surgery in 2001 and has been doing aesthetic injection since 2009. Through her experience, Alisa has become passionate about aesthetics and the noninvasive and minimally invasive treatment that can be used to enhance her clients. Alisa takes pride in using her expertise and knowledge of anatomy along with listening to her clients to achieve the results they are looking for.

HEATHER DARLING RAW Aesthetics and Wellness

Heather Darling


she has moved locations, doing the same services plus some more
FIKA Infusion and Wellness
3142 S Highland Dr. Ste B5
Millcreek Ut 84106

Contact number (801) 308-9229

Heather is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner through IFM. Her passion is healing the gut, detoxing the body, and balancing hormones. Heather received her nursing degree from Westminster College in 2003 and a Master of Nursing from Westminster in 2012.



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Our clients walk out of our clinic looking and feeling their best from head to toe, inside and out. RAW Aesthetics and Wellness believe in regular wellness exams, consults, and aesthetic treatments that are designed to protect and perfect your face and body, and our clients feel the same way!


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RAW Aesthetics and Wellness provides you with wellness plans and procedures to keep you feeling good. After all, how you feel inside reflects how you look outside. RAW Aesthetics and Wellness offers specialized aesthetic treatments that are typically were only found at a dermatology or plastic surgery clinics.

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In-depth consultations, developing meal plans, and education on wellness is a part of our wellness at RAW Aesthetics and Wellness. We also do medical testing to determine what your medical problems are and how to best address these issues.

Our Clinic offers injectables like Juvéderm, Restalyne, and Botox, as well as chemical peels, and acne treatment.Our goal is to improve the overall appearance of your skin.

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RAW Aesthetics and Wellness offer monthly promotions on our aesthetics and wellness packages to provide clients with insight into what we do for you. Check our website at least monthly to see what packages we have available.